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  Kelas : 3, Ebtanas (Bahasa Inggris/Tahun 1990)

          We often read books to get knowledge. But books can give us pleasure, too. When we are tired, we read books to help us relax.
          Some books can also take us to other parts of the world. By reading a book about Irian Jaya we may feel we are sitting in the jungles, not at home in our rooms. Books can be very expensive. Therefore a lot of people go to libraries to borrow the books they want. Many famous people have got their knowledge from books. A lot of them did not go to school but read books instead.

1.   Books are very important because they .........
A.are very boring to read
B.make us very sad
C.can give us a lot of knowledge
D.make us bery happy

2.   What do you do if you want to get a tot of knowledge ?
We ....... a lot of books.
A.borrow and read
B.buy and give
C.sell and buy
D.look for and lend

3.   What is the main idea in the second paragraph ........
A.Books are very cheap
B.All of books are very expensive
C.We go to the library to borrow books to read
D.We didn't go to school, but read books instead

4.   What is the best title fot the text above .......
A.What Is Knowledge ?
B.What Are Books For ?
C.What are Libraries For ?
D.What Are Famous People ?

5.   When we are tired we read books to help us ?
"us" here refers to .......
A.they and he
B.yours and mine
C.them and her
D.you and me

         One day Tomy was walking home from school. We saw a man coming out of a shop. The man was carrying a lot of things. He was walking toward his car. Suddenly something fell from his pocket. Tomy saw it, but the man did not.
         Tom run and picked up the thing. It was a wallet.
         "Sir ! You dropped your wallet." Tomy called. The man stopped and turned round.
         "You dropped your wallet," Tomy repeated. "Here it is. It felt from your pocket when you were walking.
         Tomy gave him the wallet.
         "Oh, thank you very much," the man said.
         "It's all right." Tomy answered.
         Tomy refused saying "I dont want the money: I just wanted to help you."
         The man smiled and said, All right, I'm not going to give you any money, but please, let me take you home."
         "All right," Tomy said, and got into the car. In the car they talked about Tomy's school. Tomy was telling about his home when they arrived.
         "This is my house," Tomy said, "Won't you come in ?"
         The man went with Tomy into the house. He met Tomy's parents and told them what had happened.
         Tomy's parents were very proud of their son.

6.   What did the man do after receiving something from, Tomy ? He .......
A.dropped the wallet
B.opened it and took out some money
C.stopped and turned round
D.gave Tomy the wallet

7.   What is the main idea in the first paragraph ? The boy .......
A.always walked home slowly
B.didn't know what had happened
C.saw something fall
D.coming out from a shop

8.   The best title of the text above is .......
A.A Careless Boy
B.An Honest Boy
C.A Naughty Boy
D.An Unkind Boy

9.   Suddenly something felt. Tomy saw it. "It" here refers to a ......

10.   He met Tomy's parents and told them what had happened.
"Them" kere refers ........
A.the man and his parents
B.Tomy and his parents
C.Tomy and the man
D.mother and father

Indonesia has some the richest forests in the world. The total area of forested land is approximately 120 million hectares.
           These forests have existed for millions of years and they have much to after us. They are important for their product such as timber, rattan (= rotan), resin (=damar), etc. They are also important for keeping the soil fertile. The leaves of the forest trees fall to ground and become "humus". The humus is the fertilizer for the soil. The Forests are also important for preventing soil erosion and floods. The roots of the trees prevent the soil from being washed away by the rain.
           Some years ago the forests in Indonesia looked from the air like an unbroken carpet of green. Today there are a lot of bare patches (bidang-bidang tanah) where trees have been cut down and cleared. In some areas destruction is continuing very rapid. If we do not stop this, our forests be gone by the end of this century.
           Our, government realizes this and has taken some steps to prevent the destruction Some regulations have been issued (= dikeluarkan) to protect the forests. The addition reforestation projects are being carried out. These projects are as important as other big development projects. It is our duty good citizens to help, the government carry out these programs successfully.

11.   The total area of forested land in Indonesia is about ....... hectares.

12.   What is the forests give us ......
A.forests can give us a lot of floods
B.They can give us timber, rattan, resin, etc.
C.It can give us everything we need
D.They can give us nothing at all

13.   What is the main idea in the second paragraph ? It is about .......
A.forest trees

14.   The main idea in the last paragraph is about .......
A.preventing the destruction of the jungles
B.carrying out the reforestation projects
C.a regulation has been issued to destory the forest
D.an important big development projects

15.   These projects are as important as other big development projects.
"These projects" refers to .......
A.preventing soil erosion
B.destroying the forests
C.keeping the soil fertile

         The word communication comes from the verb communicate, which means to give or exchange information, new ideas of opinions by speech or writing. In other words, communication is the sending of information or news between people.
         Through communication people learn from one another the thing they want to know. Imagine if human beings could not communicate, he was not talk to other people, and not other people will talk to him or teach him anything. Can he learn anything by himself ?
         How could a child learn to do anything at all if he did not have the chance to communicate with other people, especially with his parents, brothers, and sisters ? He would not learn to talk and would not learn to do any other things either. Some must teach the child.
         The main way people Communicatewith one another is by speaking. Two people can communicate in this way when they are near to each other. Nowadays, however, we can use electronic instrument like the telephone, radio, and telegraph as a means of communications. If we do not have a telephone or a radio, we can still communicate by writing letters.
         Writing began when men used picture to explain their thoughts to others. Now writing has become a very important means of communication. News papers, magazine, books and other printed materials use writing.
Since communications is important for gaining knowledge, you must communicate actively with other people, especially with your teacher and friends at school.

16.   What is the main way people communincate with one an other ? By .......
A.speaking to each other
B.writing letters only
C.using pictures
D.saying the words silently

17.   The important idea in the fourth paragraph is about .......
A.writing and rending magazine
B.having and ringing a telephone
C.sending and receiving information
D.making and repairing instruments

18.   The titte of the text you've just read above is .......

19.   Writing began when men used pictures to explain their thoughts to others.
The word "thoughts" refers to .......

20.   How could a child learn to do anything at all if he did not have chance to communicate with other people, especially his parents, brothers and sisters ?
The italic words "he" refers to .......
A.a boy
B.a man
C.a teacher
D.the child's father

21.   Look the picture !

He said, "This is my .......

22.   Alex     : Do you know that man ?
Edwin  : Yes, I do. My father always comes to his shop whenever he want
              to repair his car. And that man can repair it well.
Alex    : So, what is his name and what is he ?
Edwin  : His name is Yogi and he is .........
A.a driver
B.an ebgubear
C.a uranger

23.   Lia   : Do you know Wahyu ?
Elde : Yes, He is my nephew. His father is my .......
Lia   : I se

X  :  Look at the picture. What are they doing ?
Y  :  They are ...... the car.

25.   Martin   : How much sugar do you want in your tea ?
Gumara : I want ....... of sugar in it.
A.a handful
B.a pocketful
C.two kilograms
D.two spoonfuls

26.   Winarti likes eating "rujak". Her mother always tells her not to eat too much "rujak" because she may get a .......

27.   Imam wants to be good at biology. He likes to ....... any plant's life.

28.   All parents have told to take care of their children.
The words take care of .......
A.looks for
B.look into
C.look after
D.look on

29.   The ....... of Education and Culture is the head of the Departement of Education and Culture.

30.   The poor woman does not have anything now, because she has sold all her ....... to support the familiy.

31.   Thes students want to go camping. They need a good ...... to climb up a mountain.

32.   The Borobudur Temple is the world's largest temple.
The ....... of this temple began in 1973.

33.   There are twenty two boys in the yard. One of them has ball. And now ......
A.he is playing football
B.they were playing when I came
C.they are playing football
D.she has played volley ball

34.   Yani :  "What time did you get up this morning ?"
Yati  :  " ........ "
A.I got up at five
B.He gets up at four
C.She is going to get up
D.They want to get up

35.   Anti ....... some fruit at the market very soon.
A.are buying
B.are going to buy
C.was buying
D.is going to buy

36.   Join the two sentences below.
My father is lying in bed. He has pain in the knee .......
A.My father has pain in the knee or he he is lying in bed
B.My father is lying in bed because he has pain in the knee
C.My father has pain in the knee although he is lying in bed
D.My father is lying in bed till he has pain in the knee

37.   The black board isn't dirty now, because .......
A.the teacher is going the erase it
B.Yanto was wiping it
C.Yanto has cleaned it
D.the student was cleaning it

38.   Aty  : "What were you doing when the teacher came in ?"
Ana : " ........"
A.I was sweeping the floor
B.She was painting the window
C.He was ring ing the betl
D.You were reading book

39.   My mother ....... this electric iron for five years.
A.have used
B.was using
C.is going to use
D.has been using

40.   I'm not going to see that film, and neither is Laila. It means ........
A.I am not going to see that film, but Laila is not
B.Laila and I are not going to see that film
C.Laila is going to see that film, and I am too
D.I'm going to see that film, and so is Laila

41.   Rudi's bike is expensive. Yadi's is more expensive than Rudi's.
These sentences mean : Rudi's bike ....... in price.
A.and Yadi's are same
B.is different from Yadi's
C.is the same as Yadi's
D.and Yadi's are a like

42.   The umbrella is behind the door. It is my sister's.
The good combination of the two sentences above is ........
A.The umbrella is my sister's behind the door
B.It is my sister's umbrella behind the door
C.Behind the door is my sister's umbrella
D.The umbrella behind the door is my sister's

43.   My uncle has a lot of jobs to finish ....... ?
A.doesn't he
B.has she
C.does he
D.doesn't she

44.   X   :  I haven't see you for a long time .......
Y   :  I'm fine, thank you.
A.How do you do
B.How are you
C.How is your mother
D.What happend to you

45.   Rini  :  Hello Erna
Erna :  Hi Rini. Are you busy now ?
Rini  :  Yes, I'm preparing for my birthday party
           " ........... "        
Erna :  I'd love you
A.Would you like to give me a present
B.What will you need in your bidthday party
C.Would you like to come to my birthday party
D.Would you mind coming to any party

46.   Rita   :  Can you help me, please ?
Dedi  :  Sure. What can I do for you ?
Rita   :  Let's carry this heavy table over there
Dedi  :  I'm glad I could help you
Rita   :  ...............
Dedi  :  You're welcome
A.Thank yourself
B.You're welcome
C.Thank you very much
D.It was a pleasure

47.   Ratna  :  Can't you stay a little longer here ?
Juwita :  I'm sorry ........
A.I'll be waiting for you here
B.Please come and see me, too
C.But I hope you'll soon come again
D.But it's time for me to leave

48.   Mrs. Dide has just arrived at a hotel.
Mrs. Dide :  ....... ?
Roomboy :  Yes, Mam.
A.Will you bring this letter to the post office
B.Will you take this suitcase to my room, please
C.Will you get that chair for me, please
D.Will you carry the table there, please

49.   Manager  :  Have you typed the letter to Mr. Hamzah ?
Secretary :  ....... I completely forgot
A.I'm sorry, Sir
B.Don't worry, Sir
C.Nevermind, Sir
D.That's all right, Sir

50.   Ria  :  You are the winner of the contest, aren't you ?
Ina  :  Yes, that's right
Ria  :  ..........
Ina  :  Thanks a lot
A.Congratulation on your succeess
B.Thank you very much
C.I think it's very nice
D.She is a good contestant

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