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  Kelas : 3, Ebtanas (Bahasa Inggris/Tahun 1994)

Read the text carefully !

                                        WALKING IS A SPORT

Sport help us to become strong and healthy. There are many kinds of sport : walking, running, hunting, cycling, swimming, and so on. It is not important what kinds of sport we are going to do, as long as we are strong enough to do it.
          Healthy people should exercise feguiring, no matter how old they are.
          The simplest and the best sport is walking. It is also the cheapest one, because we do not need money to do it. A long walk in the evening may help us sleep more than any medicine.
          But people today do not like walking. They prefer to drive a car, though they are not
in a hurry or travelling a long distance. This kind of "disease" comes our laziness.

1.   The simplest and the best sport is .......

2.   Look at the last paragraph !
"They" here refers to ......

3.   ....... They prefer to drive ....... (paragraph 4)
The word 'prefer' has the same meaning as .......
A.like much
B.need much
C.like better
D.want better

Read the text carefully !

                                                OUR PARENTS
What does the word "parents" mean ? It means our father and our mother.
         How long have our parents been taking care of us as ? This question is easy to answer. As we will know, our parents have taking care of us as long as we have lived.
         We hardly imagine just how good and kind our parents are. They also love us very much. No parent hates a son or daughter. When we are sick or ill, they look after us very carefully. They sometimes even lose sleep at night because of us. And they spend a lot of money on our education.
         Do you love your parents ? Of course you do.  
         What should we do to show our gratitude to our parents ? To show our gratitude to them we should :
1. always do what they tell us to do.
2. never disobey or annoy them.
3. be a good student and always do our best.
4. make curselves useful both to our parents anda to our country.

4.   They spend a lot of money on our education.
The underlined word has the same meaning as ......

5.   What do our parents do when we are sick or ill .......
A.They look after we very carefully.
B.They spend a lot of money
C.They hote their son and daughter
D.They love us very much

6.   How do parents show their kindness when we are sick ......
A.By taking us to the doctor
B.By spending a lot of money
C.By showing their gratitude
D.By doing what tell us

7.   Parents give childern good ...... sending tham to school.
D.what we need for scholl

Read the text carefully !

                                                 OUR FORESTS

Indonesia has some of the richest forestsin the world. The total of forested land is approximately 120 million hectares.
         These forests have existed for millions of years and they have much to offer us. They are important for their products, such as timber, rattan (= rotan). resin (= damer) etc. They are also important for keeping the soil fertile. The leaves of the forest trees fall to the ground and become humus.
         The humus is fertilizer for the soil. The forests are also important for preventing soil erosion and floods. The roots of the trees prevent the soil from being wahed away by the rain.
         Some years ago the forests in Indonesia looked from the air like an unbroken carpet of green. Today there are a lot of bare patches (= bidang-bidang tanah) where trees have been cut down and cleared. The trees have been cut down for timber.
Forests are cleared for farms, mines and settlements-In some areas the destruction is continuing at a very rapid rate. If we do not stop this, our forests will be gone by the end of this century.
         Our goverment realizes this and has taken some to prevent the destruction. Some regulations have been issued (= dikeluarkan) to protect the forests. In addition, reforestation projects are being carried out. These projects are as important as other big development projects. It is our duty as good citizens to help the goverment carry
out these programmes successfully.

8.   The leaves of the forest trees fall to the ground and become ........

9.   The word "protect" in paragraph 4 means .......
D.give up

10.   The word "it" in paragraph 4 refers to ......

11.   What are the roots of the trees for .......
A.To prevent the soil erosion
B.To make the soil fertile
C.To stop the rain from the forests
D.To keep the soil fertile.

12.   What is the main idea of the second paragraph .......
A.The importance of forests
B.The size of forests
C.The leaves of trees
D.The uses of fertilizer

Read the text carefully !


         Camping is a good way of spending a holiday away from home. It is cheap. And it is a lot of fun. You are free to go anywhere you please, and it is a great pleasure to be able to sleep under the stars.
         Next week is a holiday. The students of III A plan to go camping in Cibubur. Now they are discuccing their plan.
         "We can rent them. But there are kinds and sizes of tents. We should choose tents that are big enough for us to sleep in comfortably."
         "What else do you think we need ?" Fitri asked.
         "Everyone should bring his/her own bedding, a change of clothing and a set of eating utensils. The bedding should be loght and warm and give you enough protection against the damp grund," Allan explained.
         "Besides a change of clothing, I believe you also need a sweater or a Jacket. It may be cold at night," Tuti said.
         "How about food?" Fadli asked.
         "It's fun to cook our own food. Why don't you bring the cooking utensils, girls ? I think you should try to prepare simple dishes in one pan. Then we will only need to carry a few utensils,"
         "All right". Tuti said. "We'll be responsible fot the food.
         Will you take care of the tents, boys?"
         "O.K, "the boys said,
They all look forward to the holiday.

13.   What plan are the students discussing .......
A.To go for a picnic in Cibubur
B.To go camping in Cibubur
C.To make a trip to Cibubur
D.To have holiday to Cibubur

14.   The bedding should be light and warm and give you enough protection against the damp ground.
"damp" here means .......

15.   "The bedding should be light and warm"
Who said this .......
A.Andi did
B.Allan did
C.Fitri did
D.The students did

16.   What does "we" in like 6 refer to ?
It refers to ......
A.the students of III A
B.The boys and the girls
C.Andi and Alian
D.Fitri and Fadli

Read the text carefully !

The word communication comes from the verb communicate, which means to give or exchange information. News, ideas or opinions by speech or writing. In orther words, communicabon is the sending of information or news from one nerson to another, or the exchange of such information or news between people.
          Through communication people learn from one another the things they want to know. Imagine if human beings cpuld not communicate with one another. If a person cannot communicate, he will not talk to other people, and no other people will talk to him or teach him anything. So it would be impossible for him to learn anything. Can he learn anything by himself ?
          How could a child learn to do anything all if he did not have the chance to communicate with other people, especially with his parents, brothers and sisters ? He would not learn to talk and would not learn to do any other things either. Someone must teach the chid. In other words, someone must communicate knowledge and skill to the child.
          The main way people communication with one another is by speaking. To people can communicate in this way when are near to each other. Nowadays however, we can use electronic instruments like the telephone, radio and telegraph as a means of communication. If We do not have telephone or a radio, we can still commurvicaticm by writting letters.
          Writting began when man used pictures to explain their thought to others. Now writing has become a very important means of communication, Newspapers, magazines, books and , other pinted materials use writing.
          Since communications important for gaining knowledge, you must communication actively with other people, especially with your teachers and friends at school.

17.   What is the main way, for the people communicate with one another ?
They do by ......

18.   Paragraph one tells us about ....... of communication.
A.the definition
B.the importance
C.the means
D.the tool

19.   Why is communication important for life .......
A.We can not learn anything by ourselves
B.We can not gain knowledge without communication
C.Life would be difficult instruments
D.We can not work without communication

20.   The most suitable title of the text above is .......

21.   Mr. Hadi has two .......
They are Rudi and Rini.

"Where is the teacher ?"
"He is ....... the class."
C.at the back of
D.in front of

My mother buys ....... in the market.
A.a mongosteen
B.a pineapple
C.a tomato
D.a watermelon

24.   Rendi's book has 50 pages and Rina's book has 20 pages.
Rendi's books is .......

25.   Nancy works in the hospital. She looks after sick people.
She is .......
A.a secretary
B.a nurse
C.a pharmacist
D.a house keeper

26.   We use a microscope to ....... a small thing that we can't see with our naked eyes.
A.check in
B.look after

27.   ....... makes the laws of our country.

28.   The headmaster is standing in front of my class.
He wants to give an ....... about holiday.

29.   A library is full of ....... which students need.

30.   Lexi   :  Do you still remember our English teacher ?
Ann   :  Of course, I willl never forget his ....... to my family because he was a friendly teacher.

31.   I saw some ....... in the road yesterday.
They were directing care as there was a traffic jam.

32.   Beni invites me to her birthday party, but I do not ....... enough time to attend it.

33.   Toni and I go to schooll.
....... go to schooll.

34.   A   :  Did you go last night ?
B   :  No, I didn't go ...... I stayed at home.

35.   Did your father ....... when you come late last night ?
A.look tired
B.become angry
C.seem happy
D.feel proud

36.   Mrs. Suwanto ....... at the bus stop since four o'clock.
A.look standing
B.was standing
C.has been standing
D.will be standing

37.   The boy is sleeping.
......., please !
A.Be polite
B.Speak louder
C.Don't make noise
D.Don't nervous

38.   Look at this table !
                         Price Last
Shirt                  Rp. 5.500
Blouse               Rp. 4.750
Stocking            Rp. 4.500
T Shirt               Rp. 4.250
A.The shirt is less expensive than the blouse
B.The blouse is cheaper than the shirt
C.Stockings are cheaper than the T shirt
D.The T shirt is more expen I sive than the blouse

39.   X  :   Why did your father go to that man's house ?
Y  :   He went there to thank the man ......
A.whom he helped
B.who helps him
C.who had helped him
D.which helped him

40.   Lina studies hard everyday She always does the exercises well.
I am ...... she will pass in the test.

41.   Venny  :  You look so sad, Jan.
Jan       :  My father in low had an accident last night
Venny  :  Oh ......
A.I'm disappointed that he didn't send me the news.
B.I'm suprised that you want to meet him.
C.I' m sure he will be here soon.
D.I'm sorry to hear that

42.   Reny   :  What do you want to drink, milk or tea ?
Sari     :  Well, I'd rather have tea.
The underlined utterance expresses ......
A.asking for information
B.offering something
C.inviting people
D.asking some one to do something

43.   Teacher  :  Good morning, students ?
Students :  Good morning, Sir.
Teacher  : ....... a new student, SLTA
Sita        :   Nice to meet you all
Students :  Nice, too
A.I'd like to introduce
B.It's very nice to meet
C.I'm happy to meet
D.I don't think she is

44.   Erni   :   Hi. Have you ever read about "Sengsara Membawa Nikmat ?"
Irna   :  Oh, I see. It is a good novel
            I'm keen on it
I'm keen on it means that Irna ...... the novel.

45.   Dedy  :   I hear you've passed your exams, haven't you ?
Neny  :  That's right.
Dedy  : ...... On passing you exams.
Neny  :  Thank you
A.May I congratulate you
B.Won't you came to my party
C.I'm glad to hear that
D.I'm very happy

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