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  Kelas : 3, Ebtanas (Bahasa Inggris/Tahun 1998)

                                              Collecting Stamps

        Life will be more interesting if we have a hobby. We can enjoy our spare time better. I myself like to collect stamps. I have been doing this since I was in the elementary school. I got y stamps from my Uncle Harry, a pilot, who likes to send me postcards or letters from all countries he has visited.
        My friends admire my collections very much. Then I become a member of stamp collectors club. We exchange stamps with one another. \Ne also have pen?friends who have the same hobby. They are from all over Indonesia and some are from foreign countries. Of course I have to write my letters in English.
        Now I have a more complete collection, and more friends.
        Don't you see that it is useful and very interesting ? We can choose many kinds of hobbies, outdoors as well as indoors. Outdoor hobbies among others are : fishing, camping, hiking.
        If  your hobby is like mine, you'll be very glad to see the Stamp Museum in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah in Jakarta. I am sure you will love it.

1.   What makes the writer's life more interesting ......
A.Collecting stamps
B.Visiting countries
C.writing letters
D.outdoor hobbies

2.   My friends from foreign countries send me stamp, because .......
A.I belong to the stamp collectors club
B.my hobby is collecting stamps
C.we have friends for a long time
D.I like writing English letters

3.   Anybody is free to take which hobby he likes.
The underlined word means .......

                                                  Indonesian Life

        The Indonesian society consists of rural and urban society. Rural society lives in villages. They usually make their livings by farming. Some make their livings by working in home industries. Home industries are usually small?scale industries, so they don't need many workers.
        There are many kinds of jobs people can do in cites. Cities are the center of big industries. Most government offices are also centered in cities. Therefore, most people in the village want to move to cities.
        The villagers move to cities in great numbers to get jobs. Some get what they want, but most of them don't.They who have skills or good education can become government civil servants or employees of private enterprises. The unskilled and uneducated can only work in informal sectors, such as, food sellers, porters, and house servants.
        As the cities are densely populated, the demand for daily needs increases sharply. This condition motivates the growth of trade and new merchants. Life in city is a competition. It is a hard life. Everyone must work to earn a living.

4.   How do the villagers make their living ?
By ........
A.farming or working in home industries
B.becoming government civil servants
C.enjoying the life in the villages
D.becoming employees of private enterprises

5.   The second paragraph is about ........ in cities
A.how people live
B.the conditions
C.rural people
D.big industries

6.   Why do most villagers move to cities ?
Because .......
A.there are many jobs open for people
B.they no longer like farming
C.they are skilled educated
D.there no industries in their village

7.   "Home industries are usually small-scale industries so they don't need many workers". (paragraph 1)
The underlined word means .......

8.   What is needed for a person get a good job .......
A.Farming experiences
B.Skill in trade
C.Ability to compete
D.Skill and education

                                                       Safari Park

        Safari Park or Taman Safari is quite a unique zoo. It lier about 90 kilometres from Jakarta. It lies in Cisarua, Bogor, about two kilometres from Puncak.
        This zoo reminds us of the similar parks in Kenya, Africa. Although iris not as large as the one in Kenya, we can still enjoy the park which is about one hundred hectares. In conventional zoos, the animals are in cages, but in the Safari park visitors are in 'cages' ; they are not allowed to get off the cars or buses. The animals wander freely. Visitors who dont have cars can use the touring buses available at the park.
        Although the animals vander freely, they are grouped into certain blocks. The first block is of wild animals, like tigers, and lions. The second block ias for big animals like elephants, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, zebras, and giraffes. The next block is of primates, like orang utans, and gorillas. Then we can see many kinds of sheep and deer. In the last blocks we can see bears, ostrichs and Ihamas. Each animal roams freely in their blocks. The other blocks are like in conventional zoos; the animals are in cages. The animals that are in cages are like white tigers - a rare species from India - several kinds of monkeys, birds, and crocodiles. There are also som" tame animals like monkeys, bears, and baby tigers. Visitors can take picture together with them.
        This park is provided with a playground. In this area visitors can enjoy a circus show, and souvenirs shops. They can also enjoy a small but beautifull waterfall.
        Safari park is not only a recreational park but also a research park. The park has succeeded in developing some species especially the rare ones, like white tigers, giraffes and hippopotamus. Safari park is indeed a national asset.

9.   What can visitors of Taman Safari see in the first block ......
A.Tigers and lions
B.Sheep and deer
C.Rhinoceroses and zebras
D.Orang utans and gorillas

10.   In Taman Safari recreational area, visitors can .......
A.enjoy circus show
B.develop rare species
C.play with lions
D.see some flower gardens

11.   Paragraph 3 tells us about .......
A.the function of the park
B.the parks in Kenya
C.the facilities in the park
D.the grovping of the animals

12.   The word 'unique' in paragraph one means .......

         Leaves have the job to absorb the energy of the sunrays by using the chlorophyl.
This energy is used to mix the water and CO2through stomata. It is then distributed to all of the .....(13)..... of the whole plants. this .....(14)..... is called photosyntesis.
Then the .....(15)..... is released to provide our needs in breathing.



D.carbon dioxide

16.   Rina has sorethroat. She needs a ....... to cover her neck.

         The sun had just risen when twelve men wearing traditional clothes were on the back of their horses with a spear and a rope in their hands. They waited quietly at about 25 meters from the appointed spot in Savana Watumohai, North Sulawesi. Ten minutes later a herd of deer led by a stag with its beautiful antlers came out from the bushes. The stag looked up the sky, made a sound as if he felt they were in danger. He was about to warn his "followers" when in a sudden the men attacked them !" The battle could not be avoided.
         "Come on ! Hurry ! Seize them ! Seize them !" noisy human voice burst out from a big and high, stage in a distance through and electrical stereo system. The "battle" ended, the men won.
         The deer were tied with a rope and brought to the stage, Some juries inspected the animals and choose he biggest, strongest deer. A spear with a gold handle was given to the "contestant" who could seize the biggest and strongest deer uninjured. Then the deer were
sent back to the savana freely after some medical treatment was given to some of them And the show ended.
         It was not a real "battle". It was a real show in a recreation program in Watumo hai, the biggest National Park and Wildlife among the 17 parks in Indonesia. Besides for the recreation, the purpose is to love animals and to save them from extinction. This awareness is now much needed to keep the ecosystem in nature balanced.

                                                                                              From : Surabaya Post
                                                                                                          July 29, 1995

17.   What did contestants wait for .......
A.The sunrise
B.The horses
C.The deer
D.The batlle

18.   Why did the stag look up the sky .......
A.To avoid the attack from the enemy
B.Because he felt they were m danger
C.To warn his followers to be careful
D.Because he felt very happy to see the sky

19.   "A spear with a gold handle was given to the 'contestant' who could seize the biggest, strengest deer uninjured" (paragraph 3).
The underlined word in this sentence means not .......

       I have told my mom and dad that we are eager to to go to Pangandaran. We plan to
go there on our long .....(20)..... next year. My dad will be on teave then. I have told them
about you when we go there. Would you be ready to be our .....(21)..... ? We all need
further .....(22)..... from you. Will it be alright ? I hope so.

                                                                                                                      Max Hill




Mr. Akhmad and his five-year-old daughter, Mita, are taking a walk at Tanjung Perak harbour, Surabaya.
Mita              : Father, who are those men who get off from their boat carrying fish ?
Mr. Akhmad : Oh, they are all fishermen. They catch fish from the sea.
Mita              : Do they use fish hooks ?
Mr. Akhmad : No, they don't.They usually use fish nets.
Mita              : You know I like sea-food dishes, don't you ?
Mr. Akhmad : That's why you are int erested in asking those questions. What sea
                       product do you like best ?
Mita              : I like them all, but right now t'd like to have some crabs. They say
                       crab are nutritions.
Mr. Akhmad : Do you know that besides its products, the sea can give us another
                       advantage ?
Mita              : What is it, father ?
Mr. Akhmad : Well, it plays a very important role in trade. ships can go from one
                       country to another and these Ships help traders to deliver goods to
                       their customers.

23.   Taking a walk at Tanjung Perak harbour, Mita .......
A.asks her father to go fishing with the fishermen
B.learns that peopte benefits a lot from the sea
C.enjoys to have some crabs in a sea-food restaurant
D.wants to buy the fish which the fishermen carry

24.   Your mother is busy; you want to help her.
What do you say ......
A.Can you help me ?
B.Do you need any help ?
C.Can you do it for me ?
D.Could you give me a hand ?

25.   Mother : Could you ....... the radio !
              The baby is sleeping.
Ilham    : All right.
A.turn on
B.turn up
C.turn back
D.turn down

What do you think the tabels above belong to .......

27.   Tito   :  You looks pate. What's wrong With you ?
Delis :  I'm hungry. I think I'll .......
A.get a place to sleep on
B.get a place to tie doven
C.have something to eat
D.have sometig to drink

Rita   :  Study the picture. What happens to the outer space creatures ?
Mira  : They may be ....... the human body.
A.attracted to
B.afraid of
C.interested in
D.attacked by

29.   Ivan   : Where did you spend your last vacation ?
Rien   : In Bali
Ican   : ....... did you get there ?
Rien : By aeroplane.
C.How long
D.What for

30.   Ani  :  Wow ! The roses in your garden are very beautiful.
          May I have the red one ?
Tia  :  Only ....... my mother allows you to.

31.   We can't ....... the things which are sold in the Department Store; they have fixed prices.

32.   Mr. Ziky shouted to his son Andita.
Mr. Ziky   : ....... The bus is coming fast !
Andita      : My goodness !
Mr. Ziky   : What happens to the driver.
A.Look here !
B.Watch out !
C.Steady on !
D.Keep it up !

From the labels we can say that a Casio ....... calculator is a Truly calculator.
A.cheaper than
B.as cheap as
C.more exensive than
D.the same price as

34.   Cassius Clay (born 1942) was also known as Mohammed Ali. He changed his name when he joined the Black Moslems. In 1960, he won a gold medal at the Olympic Games. Four years later he took the professional world championship from Sony Liston. Lighter and faster than any other heavyweight boxer of his time, he liked to boast as he could "float like a butterfly and sting like a bee."
The text tells us about .......
A.the life of Mohammed ali
B.a world champion in boxing
C.the bout between Ali and Liston
D.championship in the Olympic Games

35.   Tom, David, Ruth and Cyntia will go camping this week end. They are now making plans what they want to bring.
          They start to dieide their duties to bring the equiment for camping. Tom has to bring tents, rope, torch, map, David has to prepare sticks, bandages , axe, compass and radio. Ruth, Sharon and Chyntia have to bring a stove, medicine, wood, mactches, carrier, food and drink.
          'Don't forget to bring your guitar, David. We are going to sing beautiful songs there. 'Sharon reminds him.
          'Don't worry about it. I will bring my guitar but dont forget to bring my favourite food.'
          What is it ?' asks Sharon.
          Peanut and potato chips.'
          'OK. We will bring them for you.' Sharon and Ruth answer almost together. They ae ready to go camping because it is their hobby.

                                                                 Adapted from english for SMP I Widya Duta

The text telts us about .......
A.Davids favourite food
B.SMP students
C.Preparations for camping
D.Enjoying the week-end

According to the sign above, we ....... swim there.
B.have to

37.   Read the text carefully.

        When humans venture into space, and if they are to survive, they must be protected against the many dangers of Space. People in the space are in a state of weightlessness. There is no pull of gravity.

Why are people in space in a state of weightlessness .......
A.are many dangers
B.is a lot of air in Space
C.is no pull of gravity
D.is no protection for human beings

From the table above. We can conclude that .......
A.Indonesia has the largest population
B.Japan has the smallest population
C.The larger the country, the more population it has
D.The smaller the area of a country is, the more population it has

39.   Ilham invites Nadia to go to the movie, but Nadia refuses his invitation.
Ilham   : Are you free this Saturday ?
Nadia  : But why ?
Ilham   : Let's go to the cinema, shall we ?
Nadia  : Let's got to the cinema, shall we ?
Nadia  : .......
A.That sounds nice
B.That's a good idea
C.I'd love too, but I'm busy
D.Well, that's great.

40.   Endang     :  Do you know our postman ?
Bambang  :  No, I dont.
Endang     :  Well, you should meet him.
Bambang  :  Why ?
Endang     :  I know he's tired, but he always smiles when he ....... letters.

41.   I saw an accident on Jalan Mangga. A motorcycle struck a car. I was surprised when I knew that the rider of the motorcycle was my neighbor, Mr. Slamet. I didn't know what to do.to help him. Then someone asked me to take Mr. Slamet to a clinic. He said that there was a clinic on Jalan Mangga. I took him to the clinic. The nurse gave an injection. Then she bandaged his arm. Mr. Slamet didn't heed to stay in the clinic. He could go home. I took him to his house.

Who bandaged Mr. Slamet's arm ?
A.The writer
B.The nurse
C.The rider
D.The doctor

42.   Sakti and Wahyu met on the street.
Sakti    :  Are you alright ?
Wahyu :  No. I have a stomachache.
Sakti    :  You'd better go to the .......
Wahyu :  I will

43.   You are seiling a mini-television. What do you say to your friend to make him buy it ?
A.This TV is ideal for the whole family
B.You need no batteries at all
C.You can carry this TV in your pocket
D.This TV cannot be out of order.

44.   ...... " a very important role in trade."
The underlined word means .........
A.coming and going
B.buying and selling
C.sailing and traveiling
D.ordering and sending

45.   Arrange these words to become a good sentence.
government - is - our - leader - president - a
       1            2     3        4             5          6
A.3 - 4 - 1 - 2 - 6 - 5
B.6 - 5 - 2 - 4 - 3 - 1
C.3 - 1 - 4 - 2 - 6 - 5
D.1 - 2 - 6 - 4 - 3 - 5

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