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  Kelas : 3, Ebtanas (Bahasa Inggris/Tahun 1999)

         Last week Budi's schoolmates went camping. Budi did not join them because the camping was only for .class 2. He is still in class 1.
         The campsite was in a village near Kaliurang. It was about 10 kms south of Mount Merapi. There was a stream with clean water nearby. And the air was cool and fresh. It was really a good place for camping.
         All the students of class 2 had to take partin the camping. Only those who were sick could stay at home. Some teachers also took part in the camping activity.
         The camping activity lasted for two days. The weather was good during the camping. Everybody had their own useful experience. They all enjoyed the camping.

1.   What is the most suitable titte for the text above ........
A.Kaliurang Village.
B.Budi's Schoolmates.
C.Going Camping.
D.Mount Merapi.

2.   "Budi did not join them because ....... " (paragraph 1)
The underlined word means ........

3.   The main topic of paragraph 2 is .......
A.the campsite.
B.the location of the camp.
C.the condition of the camp.
D.the weather at the campsite.


      An athlete is a person who takes part in athletic competitions. An athlete can be a runner, jumper, swimmer, etc.
      An athlete can be an amateur or a professional, a man or a woman. In certain sports all athletes have to remain amateurs, that is, they take part in any competitions as a hobby, not as a job. They do not receive monetary awards.
      An athlete usually has a good posture. Helshe is young, energetic and athletic. He/she exercises regularly and has nutritious food.

4.   Which athletes get monetary awards ........

5.   The first paragraph tells us about .......
A.what an athlete is
B.kind of athletics
C.kind of athletes
D.an athlete's performance

6.   What does an athlete do to keep his/her body fit .......
A.He/She checks up on his/her health regularly.
B.He/She exercises regularly and has nutritious food.
C.He/She tries to get some rest.
D.He/She takes part in several games.

7.   "...., they take part in any competition as a hobby, ....." (paragraph 2)
The word 'they' in the sentence above refers to .......

8.   "In certain games all athletes have to remain amateurs, ......" (paragraph 2)
"Amateurs" means persons who .......
A.are well-paid
B.have remarkable competence
C.take part in athletic competitions
D.participate in any competition not as a job

         Animals are almost extinct if their numbers are getting smaller. It means more animals die and become rare. One of the rare animals is the rhinoceros. A rhinoceros is a large, heavy mammal with a thick skin.The word rhinoceros is derived from Greek words. Rhinos means nose and ceros means horn. Some rhinoceroses have two horn and others have one horn. These horns are not part of the bony structure of the head. They don't have any bony core. They are an outgrowth of the skin.
         Rhinoceroses are herbivorous. They eat grals and other plants. They live in grassy areas or in jungles. Rhinoceroses spend most of their time in water. They usually live alone, except during the breeding season.
         One of these rare rhinoceroses is the Javan rhinoceros. The Javan rhinoceros, rhinoceros sondaicus, is comparatively small and slender. It's about 1.7 metres high. Males have a single horn up to 10 inches (25 cm) in length. Females are usually hornless.
         Formely the Javan rhinoceros lived in Myanmar, Indocina, the Malay Peninsula, Java, and Sumatra. It's now relatively scarce. People hunted them for their horns. We only find Them in Ujungkulon, West Java now.
         If we don't want Javan rhinoceroses to be extinct, we mult protest them. We must preserve their habitat. The law prohibits those who hunt them.

9.   What does the text tell us about ........
B.Animals in Indonesia.
C.The thick skin of the rhino.
D.The rhinoceros from Java.

10.   Where do rhinoceroses spend most of their time ........
A.In grassy areas.
B.In water.
C.In jungle
D.In forest.

11.   Why must we protect certain animals ?
Because .......
A.they only have certain places to live
B.they live in the jungles
C.they spend most of their time in water
D.they are hunted and become rare

12.   "We must preserve their habitat." (paragraph 5)
'Preserve' means .......

                                               AT THE ZOO

       One of the popular local tourist resorts in Bandung is the zoo. Many people visit the zoo everyday. There are hundreds or even thousands of visitors at weekends or on holidays.
       Last holiday, many SMP students went to the zoo. The students visited the zoo with their teachers. They were very happy to look at various animals and some interesting attractions they have never seen before.
       Some animals are strange to them. These animals are from other countries, such as camels, bears, flamingos, piranhas, and many others. The attractions that made the students happy were sitting elephants, monkeys riding a bike, and bird shows.

13.   "They were very happy to look at various animals ...." (paragraph 2)
The word "various" means of ....... types, unlike one another.

14.   The students were happy when they .......
A.heard the story of a flamingo
B.sat on the elephants
C.looked at animals and attractions
D.saw thousands of visitors

15.   Which animals can perform things that attract visitors ......
A.All the animals in the zoo
B.Animals from foreign countries.
C.Camels, bears, flamingos and piranhas.
D.Elephants, monkeys, and birds.

16.   What does paragraph two tell us about .......
A.Various kinds of animals.
B.Various attractions at the zoo.
C.What the students did at the zoo.
D.A numbers of animals at the zoo.

17.   The students ....... when they visit the zoo.
A.can give a show
B.can entertain visitors
C.can ride on horseback
D.can get information about animals

Dwi went to the hardware store to buy some tools. There he met an Australian, Peter Ross.
Dwi asked hiet what he did. Peter said, 'I work on a farm.'
"I'e a farmer too," said Dwi.
Peter said, "I'm not really a farmer. I work fora farmer. I drive a tractor on the farm.'
"What do you do with your tractor ?" asked Dwi.
"There are many things that I do with my tractor. I pull a plough to turn the soil many times. Then I change to a seeding machine. I drive a harvester to harvest the wheat.'
"How big is your farm, Dwi ?"
"It is not very big. My two sons and I manage the farm."
"Do you have any tractors ?"
"No." Dwi replied. "Our farm is on the slope of a hill. "We cut terraces to hold the water and we plant on the terraces. "We cannot use a tractor on the slope. Everything must be done by hand."
"It must be very hard work, planting and harvesting" said Peter.
"I agree," answered Dwi.
"I'm certain I can't work like that," Peter added.

18.   What is the main topic Dwi and feter are talking about .......
A.Their farms.
B.Their farming work.
C.Their farming problems.
D.Their farming tools.

19.   Which activity doesn't Peter usually do .......
A.Cutting terraces.
B.Driving a tractor.
C.Harvesting the wheat
D.Turning the soil many times.

20.   "I'm certain I can't work like that," Peter added. (the last line)
The meaning of the underlined word is .......

       Every four gears the tiest sportsmen and sportswomen in the world gather for a very big sport meeting. They compete against one another for Olympic medals: gold, silver, and bronze - that are given to the winners in each event. The games are held in a different country each time.
       Do you know when the first Olympic Games were held ? Nearly three thousand years ago, all the tiest athletes in Greece took part in a 200-metre race at Olympia. The winner of that race became the Olympic champion and was given a branch of olive teaves that he wore as a crown.
       The race was held every four gears. Lather on more events were held, for example, wrestling, boxing, topg jump, throwing the javelin and discus, and even chariot racing. The games lasted for several dags.
       The last Olympic Games were held in Atlanta in 1996. Indonesia got one gold medals, one silver medals and one bronze medals in badminton. Ricky and Rexy won the gold medals in mens doubles, Susi Susanti won the bronze medal in women's single and Mia Audina won the silver medal in women's singles.
       The coming Olympic Games will tie held in Sydney. Indonesia will take part in the games and will try to win more medals.

21.   What does the second paragraph telt us about ?
It telts us about .......
A.the first Olympic Games
B.the Olympic melals
C.the competing athletes
D.the Olympic champions

22.   Which of the following statements is not true according to the text .......
A.The Olympic Games are held every four years.
B.Indonesia won't take part in the coming Olympic Games.
C.Ricky and Rexy got one medal in the 1996 Olympic Games.
D.The first Olympic Games champion got a branch of olive leaves.

23.   '...... that are given to the winners in each event.' (paragraph 1)
The underlined word means .... in the Olympic Games.

24.   ".... and was given a branch of olive leaves that he wore as a crown." (paragraph 2)
The word "he" in the sentence above refers to .......
A.the sportsman
B.the winner
C.the runner
D.the spectator

       Human beings have lived on earth for tens of thousands of years, and during most of that time their numbers were small. Before agriculture was developed about 10,000 years ago, the death rate was high partly because of a limited food supply But after people began to grow crops and raise animals for food, the death rate fell. And the population of the world slowly grew.
       The population of the world is not spread evenly over the earth. The average number of people who live in an area or territory is called the population density. The most crowded continents are Asia and Europe. Cities are more densely populated than rural areas.
       Food and population cannot be separated. An adequate supply of food is one of the human needs. Overcrowding has a bad effect on life.
       A main cause of fanvine today is drought - a long period without rainfall. Crops wither and die, and animals strave. Drought is almost impossible to control. In recent years, famine has occurred in several african countries, including some in north eastern Africa.
       More governments are helping families to understand the problems of population density They give "family planning" advice to families that request it. Such families can plan to have the number of children they want.

25.   The text tell us about .......
A.the world population
B.population density
C.family planning
D.the world's continents

26.   Why was the death rate high ?
Because ...... was limited.
A.the population density
B.population density
C.the food supply

27.   From the text we know that famine in several African countries is caused by .......
C.over crowding
D.population density

28.   "They give family planning advice to families that request it." (paragraph 5)
The word "They" refers to .......
A.the govemments
B.the countries
C.the hungry people
D.the rural areas

       There are two main types of plants, flowering plants and non-flowering plants. Flowering plants have roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits.Almost all the trees around
us are flowering plants.You ran probably recognize some plants from their flowers or their fruits.
       Non-flowering plants cannot grow flowers. They include the fem, fungi and algae. You cannot see many non-flowering plants around you.
       Roots grow down into the soil, often branching again and again. The roots are covered with tiny kars, which take in water and minerals from the soil.
       The stem grows upward from the root. Part or all of the stem may be underground. A stem may trail along the ground, climb a post, or groav straight up in the air.
       Leaves produce food, in the form of sugar, for the entire plant. The leaves contains a pecial green substance that enables them to do this. This substance is chlorophyll. Chlorophyll ran produce sugar only in the presence of light. Carbon dioxide, which is a gas in the air, is also needed. So is water from the soil.

29.   You can probably know the difference between plants from their ......

30.   Which one of the following is not needed by the tree to produce sugar .......
D.Carbon dioxide

31.   Which paragraph telts us about the roots of plants .......
A.Paragraph 1
B.Paragraph 2
C.Paragraph 3
D.Paragraph 4

32.   ".... which take in water and minerals from the soil.' (paragraph 3)
The underlined words mean .......

33.   ".... that enables them to do this." (paragraph 5)
The word "this" in the sentence above refers to ......
A.the food production
B.the green substance
C.the entire plant
D.the leaf content

Study the pictures and what the people say.
Based on the utterances above, the following statements are false, except ......
A.Lisa is a dentist.
B.Nani is a shop assistant.
C.Anto is a bank teller.
D.Herny is a teacher

35.   Shopkeeper : What can I do for you ?
Customer     : I want to buy a blouse
Shopkeeper : What is the size ?
Customer     : Large, please    
Shopkeeper : Here is one
Customer     : Oh no. It is red, I ....... it
Shopkeeper : How about blue ?
Customer     : Yes, I like that much better.
A.don't like
C.how much
D.which one

36.   Audina     : Do you sell dolls here ?
Salesman : Yes, Please have a look at them here.
(Audina looks at the dolls available)
Salesman : Well, ....... do you want ?
Audina    : That red one, please.
C.How much
D.Which one

37.   Mother  :  Budi, where are you going next weeks ?
Budi      : We're going camping
Mother  : What do you need to bring ?
Budi      : ....... money, Mother.
C.a few

38.   Arrange these sentences into a good paragraph !
1. A scarf, in the same colour with the skirt was hung around her neck.
2. My sister dressed charmingly for the party.
3. She wore a white blouse and a red skirt.
4. They made her look taller than usual.
5. To complete her appearance, she wore a pair of high-heeled red shoes.
A.2 - 3 - 1 - 5 - 4
B.2 - 1 - 3 - 5 - 4
C.3 - 1 - 5 - 4 - 2
D.4 - 2 - 3 - 1 - 5

39.   We want to see a very small object but we ....... do it because there is no microscope in the laboratory.
D.may not

40.   Benny and Bagyo are having a guessing
Benny : I am think a profession
Bagyo : ........
Benny : Yes, Sometimes but the spends most of his time outdoors.
A.were does he works
B.does he work indoors
C.does he go to work
D.is the working now

41.   Shihab : What happened to tree try in front of your house ?
Ghani  : Oh, I ....... last Sunday
A.have cut it down
B.am cutting it down
C.will cut it down
D.cut it down

42.   Look at the picture.

Mrs. Suryati needs all of the vegetables above, so she must go to the .......
C.green grocer
D.sweet shop

43.   Shopkeeper : Can I help you ?
Marini          : Yes, I ....... a kilo of sugar.
Shopkeeper : Here it is. Is that all ?
Marini          : Yes. How much ?
Shopkeeper : Rp 3.500

44.   Journalist        : Hi, Rexy. Are you ready for the final game ?
Rexy Mainaki : Of course, I am.
Journalist        : How are your chances ?
Rexy Mainaki : Well, I'll do my best to win the game.
From the dialogue above we know that .......
A.Rexy has just won the final game
B.Rexy has almost won the game
C.Rexy hopes to win the final game
D.Rexy has just started the game

45.   Mrs. Narto : Oh ! This room is to dark !
Mr Narto   :  ........
Mrs. Narto : Yes, good idea.
A.Why dont you shut the windows ?
B.Let's use the other room
C.Can you help me, please?
D.Shall we listen to the music?

46.   A ........ is a person qualified to treat people's teeth.

47.   Tono   :  I hear a tiger died in the park. Someone killed it.
Tuti     :  ........
A.That's fun.
B.That's wonderful.
C.I am sorry to hear that.
D.That's not so bad.

48.   Anton    :  My family is going to Bogor this weekend.
Sri         : How will you go there ?
Anton    :  My father will drive us.
What will Anton do this weekend ?
A.He plans to visit his family.
B.He plans to go to Bogor.
C.He plans to drive his own car.
D.He plans to invite Sri to go to Bogor.

49.   Man   : ....... The numbers are 23d and 23 e
Usher : Certainly, sir
A.Could you show us our seats, please ?
B.Could you telt me the way to the movie ?
C.Do you know how to get the seats ?
D.Please tell me the way to the entrance.

50.   Most females give birth to babies rather than lay eggs, and feed their young with milk. What types of animals are they .......

51.   Salesman     :  Which rug do you want ?
Mrs. Jeane  :  This red one.
Salesman     :  All right. What ....... do you need ?
Mrs. Jeane  :  That's all.

52.   Ardi and his friend are planping their tour.
Ardi       :  Well, what about the bus ?
Widyo   :  Don't worry. There will be a lot of buses to rent.
Herma   :  ......, because it's a public holiday.
Jihan      :  That' right. We have to order the bus soon.
A.How many will there be
B.It's going to be OK
C.Everything will be a problem
D.I am a little doubtful that

53.   Aisyah  : Where did you spend your holiday ?
Paula    :  In Bali.
Aisyah  :  Really ? You had a nice holiday, ........
Paula    : Of course.
A.had you ?
B.did you ?
C.didn't you ?
D.don't you ?

54.   My sister works at the Garuda Indonesian Airways as ......, serving the passengers.
A.a pilot
B.a co-pilot
C.an engineer
D.an air-hostess

55.   Editors and ropy readers read the stories, look at news pictures and cartoons, and write headlines. They decide what should go into the newspaper.
The underlined word means .......
A.letters for readers
B.opinions on particular topics
C.the titles newspaper stories
D.public announcements in the newspaper

56.   Bacaan untuk soal nomor 56 sampai dengan 58

The writing under the heading 'TOTO MEMI' is taken from a .......

57.   Which is not mentioned in the fist of topies included in Wawasan .......
A.World news
B.National topies
C.Regional topies
D.Exclusive news

58.   Paragraph 1 tells us about ...... of the dally.
A.the reporters
B.the publishers
C.the readers
D.the editors

59.   Faisal  :  Please tell me how to me this new plant grow well.
Habib :  Oh, I am sorry .......
Faisal  :  That's all right.
A.I have no idea
B.I am sure it will do well
C.I know how to deal with it
D.Don't worry. It's easy to do it

60.   Erna adn Winarti are a nature reserve.
Erna      :  Do you hear somethings around here ?
Winarti  :  Yes. What is it anyway ?
Erna     :  ...... It must be the sound of a snake.
A.Teriffic !
B.Now way !
C.Excuse me !
D.Watch out !

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