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  Kelas : 3, Ebtanas (Bahasa Inggris/Tahun 2001)

1.   The best title for the text above is .......
A.Visiting my uncle
B.Rafflesia Arnoldi and Giant Water Lily
C.Discovering the Rafflesia Arnoldi
D.Discussing the British Governor General

2.   Choose the right statement according to the text .......
A.Rudi and Adelina went to the Botanical Garden.
B.When visiting her uncle, Adelina went ro the Botanical Garden.
C.Rafflesia Arnoldi and Giant Water Lily were discovered by Beccary.
D.Beccary planted Rafflesia Arnoldi in Sumatera in 1928.

Bacaan untuk soal nomor 49 sampai dengan 50.

Newspaper is the most effective medium of written communication in the modern world today. Almost all people read newspaper through many of them only read the ... (49) ... , as the extract of the news. Millions of newspaper are ... (50) ... in the world. The first daily newspaper of the world was the 'Morning Post' then followed by the 'London Time' which started its publication from London itself.



Bacaan untuk soal nomor 51 sampai dengan nomor 53.

        It is a well-know fact that trees and plants are also living beings. They need food, water, and air for survival. It is interesting t know how they take their food.
        Plants derive their food both from the earth and the air. If you minutely look at their roots, you will find that the ends of these roots are like fine fibres. We call them root-hairs. They absorb water and minerals and transport them upwards to the leaves through the (rank and the branches. If is the leaves which prepare the food.
        The green material, chlorophyl, present in the leaves prepares the food like a machine. If converts the carbon dioxide taken from the air and water from the ground into sugar with the help of sunlight. This chemical reaction is called photosynthesis. In fact, the chlorophyl takes energy from the sunlight and uses it to synthesize the hydrogen from water and carbon from carbon dioxide for making sugar. This reaction also gives out oxygen and water which are excreted by the leaves.
        Sugar is further converted into starch and is stored in the plant. The minerals are converted by chemical processes into proteins, juice, oil, and other edible materials. The plants use these materials as their food for growth. This food gradually passes on all the parts of the plant. A part of this food is deposited in the seed under formation in the plant. This accumulated food in the seed is used in germination.

5.   Which of the following is the best title for the text ?
A.How do plants take their food
B.Kinds of foal and water for plants
C.Plants and trees are living things
D.How plants protect themselves

6.   What is the job of nout-hairs ?
A.To absorb food from the air
B.To absorb water from the soil
C.To excrete water and oxygen
D.To derive food and water

7.   Sugar is stored in the plant.
The underlined word has the same meaning with .......
A.processed in
B.passed through
C.kept in

Percakapan untud soal nomor 54 sampai dengm nomor 56.

Rudi       :  Hello, Adelina. How are you ?
                 I haven't seen you for a long time. Where have you been ?
Adelina   :  Hello, Rudi.I'mfine. 1 have been to Bogor to visit my uncle.
Rudi       :  Great. Then did you visit the Botanical Garden too ?
Adelina   :  Of course I did. Besides the giant old tropical trees, I also looked at the
                  Rafflesia Arnoldi and the Giant Water Lily. Do you know who discovered the
                  Rafflesia Arnoldi ?
Rudi       :  Sure, I do. Beccary discovered it in Sumatera in 1928. Why was it named
                 Rafflesia ?
Adelina   :  Rafflesia Amoldi was derived from the name of the British Governor General,
                 Sir Thomas Stanford Raffles.
Ruth       : Oh, I see. Is it a protected plant ?
Adelina   : Yes, all of the plants in the Botanical Garden are protected, because they are
                 very rare plants.

8.   Who discovered the Rafflesia Arnoldi ?
A.Sir Thomas Stanford Raffles
C.British Governor General
D.Rafflesia Arnoldi

         Erna is a junior high school students. She is in the first grade now and she is a smart student. Her school is on Jalan Semar. The school has twenty four classroom and one library. It also has a wide school yard.
         Erna and her friends like to play in the school yard. It is fun to play there. Erna like English lesson very much. Her English teauber is Mr. Chandra. He is a good teacher.

9.   What is the most suitable title for the text above .......
A.Erna's teacher
B.The school library
C.Smart student
D.Erna's school

10.   Where do the students play ?
They play ......
A.on jalan Semar
B.in the library
C.in the school yard
D.in the classroom

11.   ...... and she is a smart student" (paragraph one)
The underlined word means .......

Norma : What do I need to make a blouse, Lily ?
Lily      : Do you have a sewing machine and a pair of scissors ?
Norma : Yes, I do. What else do I need ?
Lily      : You need cloth, thread, and some buttons.
Norma : What do I do first ?
Lily      : You draw the pattern on the cloth and cut it.
Norma : What should I do next ?
Lily      : Next you sew the collar and sleeves.
Norma : What should I do then ?
Lily      : Then you fix the collar and sleeves on the blouse.
Norma : What do you do after that ?
              Finally, you sew the buttons.

12.   The text tells us about .......
A.fixing the buttons
B.going to sew
C.making a blouse
D.sewing the dress

13.   Norma asks Lily how to make a blouse, because .......
A.she can not make her own blouse
B.she has a sewing machine and scissors
C.she wants to be a good dressmaker
D.she needs cloth, thread, and buttons

14.   "Do you have a sewing machine and a pair of scissors ?"
The underlined phrase 'a pair of' means the same as a .......

                                                                 My Bees

         I live in the country, and there is a large garden round my house. I have a lot of bees in this garden, and they make honey for me- It is very good honey. because there are a lot of flowers in my garden, and the bees make their honey from these flowers. Sometimes a bee stings me, but I don't mind. When I collect the honey, I wear a net over my face and cover my hands. Then the bees do not sting me.
         When I have collected a lot of honey, 1 put it in pots and take most of it to the town. I put a small table at the side of the road and put my pots of honey on it. Then I shout, 'Honey! beautiful honey! Who wants my sweet honey?' My honey is not expensive, and soon I have sold all the pots.
         Of course, I keep some of my bees' honey at home. I and all of my family eat it. We never buy any honey or jam in the shops, because my wife makes all our jam from the fruit in our garden. It tastes much better than the jam from shops, we think.

15.   What do the bees make honey from ?
They make honey from .......
A.the leaves of trees
B.the plants
C.the garden
D.the flowers

16.   When the writer collects the honey the bees do not sting him because ........
A.he doesn't minds
B.the bees belong to him
C.he wears a net over his face and covers his hands
D.he puts it in pots and takes most of it to the town

17.   Which of these statements is correct based on the text .......
A.The writer's family likes their jam best.
B.The writer's family likes jam from the shop.
C.The writer's family never eats honey norjam.
D.The writer's family doesn't eat jam but honey instead.

18.   "....... and the bees make their honey from these flowers." (paragraph 1)
The underlined word 'their' refers to .......
D.the writer

19.   What does the first paragraph tell us about .......
A.The writer lives in the country.
B.The writer keeps bees for honey.
C.The writer collects the honey for money.
D.The writer keeps bees and sells their honey.

                                                   Farm Machinery
         Before the invention of farm machines, an average farm was small in size. It produced only enough food for the farm family, with perhaps a little left over to sell. Farmers had to do most of their work with hand tools, such as shears, a hoe, and a spade. What are those tools used for ? Shears are used for cutting. A hoe is a tool with a long handle, used for loosening the soil and cutting out small weeds. A spade is used for digging up the field. Farmers are sometimes also carpenters, so they a hammer, a screwdriver, pliers, a knife, and an axe for chopping woods or chopping a branch of a tree.
         Before the invention of the tractors, farm machines were almost always drawn by animals. Farm tractors are far more efficient and powerful than animals. They do not require as much care as animals. And tractors can work all day without a rest.
         The farm tractors is the most useful single piece of farm equipment. It can pull out sceders, cultivator, and many other kinds of farm machines.

20.   What are the advantages of using farm tractor ?
The following are the answers, except .......
A.It is more efficient and powerful.
B.It can work the whole day.
C.It is faster than animals.
D.The price is cheaper than animals.

21.   How was the size of an average farm before the invention of farm machines .......
C.Very large
D.Very small

22.   What do we call a tool for turning up the soil drawn by animals ......
A.A plough
B.A tractor
C.A cultivator
D.A hoe

23.   What do farmers who use traditional farming tools produced rice for .......
A.For their own food.
B.For production.
C.For industry.
D.For business.

24.   "They do not require as much care as animals" (paragraph 2)
The word they refers to .......
D.farm tractors

         Many workers help people who are taking trips by airplane. Porters help people carry their suitcases into the terminal. In the terminal, some airline workers weight the passengers' luggage, some sell tickets. Other check passenger lists. A passenger agent announces when passengers may board their plane.
         Before a plane takes off, many people get it ready for its trip. A mechanic checks the engines and the instruments to see if they ere in working order. Cargo loaders, put baggage, mail, and other supplies aboard the plane. A truck driver delivers food that has been cooked in airline kitchens. Men called fuelers fill the wing ranks with fuel.

                                                 Adapted from Childcraft the How and Why Library.

25.   The best title for the text above is .......
A.People at work
B.Aboard the plane
C.At the airport
D.Trips by airplane

26.   Workers who carry passengers' luggage are called .......

27.   What does the second paragraph tell you about .......
A.seeing the plane take off
B.getting a plane ready for its trip
C.working aboard the plane
D.flying a plane in the sky

                                               THE SHIP SAILS OUT

       After tugboats pull the ship away from the shore and into the open sea, the
captain orders, "full speed ahead".
       In the engine room the chief engineer and his men speed up the engines.
They make sure that the engines work right.
       Radiomen keep in touch with people on land by sending and receiving
       Telephone operators lake care of telephone calls from cabin to cabin on
the ship. The operators can connect calls from the ship to faraway parts of the world.

                                            Adapted from Childcraft the How and Why Library

28.   "Radiomen keep in touch with people ...... " (paragraph 3)
The underlined words in the sentence mean ....... continuously with.

29.   They make sure that the engines work right. (paragraph 2)
The word "they" in the sentence refers to .......
A.the engineer and the instrument
B.telephone operators
C.captains of the ships

30.   Nindya : Belladona is ....... plant I've ever seen.
Wulan  : Yes, Look at the picture! The trunk is too tall to be placed in the room.
A.the most unusual
B.more unusual
C.as unusual

31.   Mirna : Have you seen unusual flower ?
Malik : No, I can't see it because of the crowds.
Mirna : I think there are ....... people visiting this park.
Malik : You're right.
A.too many
B.very much
C.a lot of
D.quite a few

32.   Arrange these sentence to make a good paragraph !
1) Rose is a nickname.
2) She likes flowers.
3) The nickname "Rose" was given by her father.
4) Her proper name is Rosida.
5) One of the flowers that she likes most is rose.
A.1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
B.1 - 4 - 2 - 5 - 3
C.4 - 1 - 3 - 2 - 5
D.2 - 3 - 5 - 1 - 4

33.   Plants derive their food both from the earth.
The underlined word means .......

34.   Andika : What will Mr. Hilman do next holiday ?
Dinda   : Mr. Hilman ...... to Pangandaran beach.
A.was going
B.will go

35.   Susan is a nurse. She helps the doctor to take care of the patients.
She works in the ....... and she goes there everyday.
D.post office

36.   Mrs. Atikah works for my family. She washes the clothes, cleans the floor and does other home work. She is a .......

37.   Miss Nila is a ....... She works in the school library. She arranges the books on the shelf. She also serves students when they want to borrow or read books.

38.   X  :  ...... do you want, Mam?
Y  : The red ones.
A.What colour
B.How many apples
C.Which apples
D.Which apple

39.   Next holiday, a group of scouts will camp in the forest. They ....... bring a torch because it is very dark at night.

40.   Father  :  It's getting dark in the room. It's almost 06.00 p.m.
              ....... please.
Windy  :  O.K. Dad, I will.
A.Open the window
B.Take me a magazine
C.Switch on the TV
D.Turn on the light

41.   Ani    : Mr. Simon works very hard. He has many orders to make chairs, cupboards,
           bookshelves, etc.
Indah : What is his job?
Ani    : He is a .......

42.   Umar  : What is Riko doing in the living room by himself ?
Fattah : He .......
A.is doing the cross word puzzle
B.is playing hide and seek
C.is talking with his father
D.is discussing the plan

43.   Reporter     : Hello, Mia. I'm glad to see you.
Mia Audina : Hi, nice to see you too.
Reporter     : You ....... Do you exercise everyday ?
Mia Audina : Yes, for about thirty minutes a day.
A.look so healthy
B.feel proud
C.seem happy
D.appear strong

44.   Mr. Hardi  : How old are you, Benny ?
Benny        : I'm thirteen, sir.
Mr. Hardi  : And how old is your brother ?
Benny       : He is three years younger than me.
How old is Benny's brother ?
He is ....... years old.

45.   Joko : Hi, Anto. How are you ?
Anto : Fine, thanks. How about you ?
Joko : Great ! That's a nice shirt you are wearing.
Anto : Thanks. I ....... it in Bali.
Joko : When did you go there ?
Anto : Last week during the weekend.

46.   1. Yes, Sir. Have you got an account with this banks ?
2. Good morning. I'd like to transfer one million rupiahs to my daughter in Bali.
3. Good morning, sir. What's can I do for you ?
4. Yes, here's my cheque book.
The correct order of the dialogue is ......

47.   Look at the map!

Some of the islands lie on the ....... so they have tropical climates.

48.   In the Zoo.
Ario    : Look over there !
            The animal looks like a small horse with dark stripes on a yellowish body.
            What is it, Dad ?
Father : Oh. It is a .......

49.   A : Some species of our wild animals are extinct.
B : .........
A.Good luck!
B.How nice!
C.That's a pity!
D.I know how it feels!

50.   Haryo : I like wearing T-shirt, but I don't like wearing shirts.
            How about you, Nur ?
Nuri    : Well, I also like wearing T-shirts better than shirts. So, I .......
A.always wear shirts
B.seldom wear shirts
C.don't like T-shirts
D.prefer shirts to T-shirts

51.   Saring  : I think there are not ....... interesting animals alive in our forests.
Nana   : I agree. Most of them have been killed by hunters
C.a lot of

52.   Erni   : I'm going to visit West Java next week.
Roni  : That's good. Which places will you visit ?
Erni   : I'll visit Tangkuban Perahu and Ciater.
Roni  : Well, .......
A.I hope you'll have a good time
B.You must have a lot of money
C.That's not interesting
D.I agree with you

53.   Look at the pictures.

1) Father drove the car slowly while enjoying the scenery.
2) We went home late in the evening because the road was very crowded.
3) Early in the morning all of us were ready for picnic.
4) We have to continue our way to Mount Bromo on horses because it is steep.
According to the pictures the best arrangement is .......

54.   Arfan    : I think everybody should have a TV in their house.
Mita      : ....... Television makes people passive.
A.You're right
B.I absolutely agree
C.That's quite right
D.I disagree

55.   Andri stressed the time of the journey.
Jono  : What time will we start the journey ?
Andri : Come at six . .. we'll leave you.

What kind of tools does he need ?
A.Gardening tools
B.Cooking tools
C.Carpenting tools
D.Cleaning tools

57.   Amy : Do you have any plans for the coming holiday ?
Ady : Yes, I am going to go to Bromo Mountain.
Amy : Great, I went there last week. It is really a ....... place. And I want to go there again.

58.   Anto : Which one is better, travelling by a taxi or a bus ?
Didi  : Of course by taxi, but travelling by bus is ........ than a taxi.
Anto : Thanks a lot. I'll take a bus.
A.more expensive

59.   There is a traffic jam. Most of these people are trying to get to work. They all work in the city but few of them live there. They are feeling very angry and frustrated at the moment because the traffic is hardly moving. Traffic jams like this happen everyday.

The text shows that there are ....... cars on the road.
C.a lot of

60.   Kiki has read a new magazine.
Lani : What's that?
Kiki : You can read it, if you want. There are some interesting articles in it.
         You can also see the picture of Balinese dances.
Lali : Oh, ...... I like the dance very much.
Kiki : Oh you do ?
A.What a beautiful picture it is!
B.How beautiful Bali is!
C.What a beautiful magazine is it!
D.How beautiful the magazine is!

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