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  Kelas : 3, Ebtanas (Bahasa Inggris/Tahun 2002)

          The bell was ringing. It was Time for Adi's class to have physics in the laboratory They enjoy studying physics in the laboratory. They have chances to use the apparatus like flash, pippetes, test tubes, etc and to make simple experiments.
          Adi was in the same group as Rita. They also wore white uniform - called a lab coat -  like the others. They prepared the apparatus very carefully since they were made of glass. The teacher was distributing the work sheet when suddenly she heard a lithe scream. It was from Adi. He was not so careful that the testtube knocked on the table, broke a little and cut his finger The teacher took care of him soon.

1.   Who got a little accident ?
B.The teacher
C.The girl

2.   Why should the students be careful?
A.The apparatus is made of glass.
B.They have to do the experiments.
C.The uniform is white.
D.The apparatus is dangerous

3.   What does the passage tell us ?
A.The carrying out of the laboratory experiment.
B.The busy and careless students in the classroom.
C.The preparation of Physics laboratory class.
D.The experiment of Physics class.

          I'm just writing to let you know our new address (1) and to invite you to our house party next Saturday. I'm sorry that I couldn't tell you before about our new house because we have been busy moving to the house and I've had little time for doing anything else.
          We moved here week ago. We are happy to stay here because we have a lot of new neighbours. They all are friendly (2)
          My family and I hope you and your family can come here.
                                                                                                         All the best,

4.   What is the synonym of the underlined word (1) ?

5.   What is the synonym of the underlined word (2) ?

          Djoko Tri Wilarto was very busy last week. He wrote some letters for his parents and friends on Monday. On Tuesday he visited Retu Praditya's school. He played tennis for two hours there. Retu Praditya is his friend
          In the evening he went to the sport shop, He bought a new tennis racket. Then he played tennis again the whole day on Wednesday.
          He stayed home in the evening. He was very tired Then he spoke to his parents on the phone.
          On Thursday he watched the football match on television. At the weekend he visited his brother's badminton club at Jalan Angsana I

6.   What does Retu Praditya do?
A.A shopkeeper
B.A businessmen
C.An athlete
D.A student

7.   The text is.about Djoko Wilarto's ........last week.
D.busy day

8.   What did he do on Monday last week?
A.He wrote some letters for his friends and parents
B.He was very busy to write the letters
C.He gave his new tennis rackett to retu Pradityat
D.He spoke to his friend Retu Praditya

          One day Sandra Dewi fell sick in the middle of the English lesson. All the students did writing tasks. Suddenly Sandra Dewi vomited. All other students stopped writing. Mrs Lidia helped her immediately. The chairman of the class, Djoko Tri Wilarto sent for the scools doctor.
          In five minutes the doctor come. He examined her carefully, He examined her eyes. He felt her stomach. He listened to her heart beat. He measured her blood pressure. Then he look her temperature.
          "I'm afraid she suffers from malaria. Her temperature is very high. That is why she vomited. She has a very bad cough too. I'll give her some pills for her malaria, some tablets for her, fever, and syrup for her cough. She need a week's rest," said the doctor.

9.   What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
A.The doctor gave Sandra some pills and syrup.
B.The doctor examined Sandra Dewi carefully.
C.The doctor listened to her heart beat.
D.In five minutes the doctor come.

          Ondel-ondel is very popular in Jakarta. It is a giant doll with a horrible face. The male ondel-ondel is dressed like a man. He has a sword at his hip and a shawl over his shoulder. Its head is decorated with colourful paper strings.
          Ondel-ondel is made of bamboo structure. Its face is made of wood-mask. Its hair is made of palm-fibre. A man inside the structure moves it. The movement is very clumsy. Its arms are dropping.
          A pair of ondel-ondels are usually performed to celebrate a child circumcision. Traditional music, i e. gambang kromong, gasidah, tanjidor, or gendang pencak, accompanies the procession. Of course children are interested in following it.
          In the old days people believed that a couple of ondel-ondels were the manifestation of a god and a goddess who would protect the arcumcised boy from danger or evil. Now ondel-ondel is performed to welcome guests in opening ceremonies held in Jakarta and places nearby.

10.   Which part of  ondel-ondel is frightening?
A.Its shoulder.
B.Its head
C.Its face
D.Its hip

11.   What is the main idea of paragraf 2?
A.Who moves ondel-ondel.
B.What ondel-ondel is made of.
C.How, to move ondel-ondel.
D.What ondel-ondel is for.

12.   A god and goddess would protect the circumcised boy.
From the sentence we know that the god and the goddess would ........
A.make the circumcised boy safe
B.kill the circumcised boy
C.hit the circumcised boy
D.send the circumcised boy away

13.   "Of course children are interested in following it." (paragraph 3)
What does the word it refer to ?
A.The hair.
B.The structure.
C.The procession.
D.Gambang kromong

14.   "It is a giant with a horrible face." (paragraph 1)
What is the synonym of the underlined word?

Last week Djoko Tri Wilarto and Tri Evan visited Djoko Tri Wilarto's grandfather, who lives in small village at the foot of a mountain. They had a short conversation in the backyard just after breakfast. Then they went to see the beautiful scenery around the countryside by bike.
Tri Evan                :  Does your grandpa live alone
Djoko Tri Wilarto : Yes he does, He's alright, His neighbours often help him.
                               People in the country help one another, you know.
Tri Evan               :  No wonder, he finds no problems living alone. Look at the ducks.
                               They look happy
Djoko Tri Wilarto : Yes. Grandpa likes them very much. They often lay eggs.
Tri Evan           :  So he does not need to buy eggs.
Djoko Tri Wilarto :  No. They help him, you know
Tri Evan               :  What other animals can we find here?
Djoko Tri Wilarto :  Goats, cows, horses, hens, cocks, geese, frogs, fish, birds.
                               And lizards for example.
Tri Evan                :  So this area is rich. It's as rich as a zoo.
Djoko Tri Wilarto :  Yes, do you want to see around ?
Tri Evan                :  Sure, I want to see more of this area.
                               Can we go around by bike?
Djoko Tri Wilarto  : Yes, Let's go now

15.   Djoko Tri Wilarto's grandfather lives in a small village.
This information can be found in ........ Paragraph.
A.the first
B.the second
C.the third
D.the fourth

16.   Who help Djoko's grandfather in the village?
A.His children.
B.His neighbours.
C.His guests.
D.His sons.

17.   Why does Djoko's grandfather like his ducks?
A.They often lay eggs.
B.They are nice animals.
C.They are easy to bread.
D.They quack when strangers come.

18.   "So he does not need to buy eggs." (line 1)
What does the word "buy" in the sentence mean?
A.Bring money up.
B.Pay money for.
C.Keep money up.
D.Leave money out.

Chaterine  :  I've heard about "Tanah Toraja" and "Bali".
                  People say that they are very famous fortheir traditional .....(19).....
Monika    :  You are right, especially the funeral .....(20).....
Chaterine : Could you please tell me whay they hold it?



          Camping is a good way of spending a holiday away from home. It is cheap, and it is a lot of fun. You are free to go anywhere you please, and it is great pleasure to be able to sleep under the stars.
          Next week is a holiday. The students of class 3A plan to go camping in Cibubur. Now they are discussing their plan.
          "Where can we get the tents?" Andi asked Allan, who has had a lot of experience in camping.
          "We can rent them. But there are many kinds and sizes of tents. We should choose tents that are big enough for us to sleep in comfortably."
          "What else do you think we rieed ?" Gebi asked.
          "Everyone should bring his own bedding, a change of clothing and a set of eating. The bedding should be light and warm and give you enough protection against the camp ground", Allan explained.
          "Besides a change of clothing, I believe you also need a sweater or a jacket. It may be cold at night", Tuti said
          "How about food ?" Fadli asked.
          "It's fun to cook our own food. Why don't you bring the cooking utensils, girls? I think you should try to prepare simple dishes in one pan. Then we will only need to carry a few utensils"
          "All right", Tuti said. "We'll be responsible for the food. Will you take care of the tents, boys?"
          "0.K.", the boys said.
          They all look forward to the holiday.
                                              (Adapted from Bahasa Inggris 3a untuk SMP)

21.   What is the most important thing for camping?
A.Cooking utensil.
B.Change of clothing.
C.A bedding.
D.A tent.

22.   We conclude that students have to be ready to face the ........ weather on camping.

23.   What criteria of things should the students bring for camping?
A.A lot of luxurious things.
B.Some new expensive things.
C.Some simple usable things.
D.A number of cooking utensils

          It is true that newspapers are an important source of information. Many people begin their day by reading the papers. In this way they learn what is going on in the world Sometimes, However they don't have time to read the news carefully and must be safisfied with a quick look at the front page. At other times they only have time to glance at the headlines.
          There are newspapers to satisfy every reader In big cities there are many types of papers, with several different edition every day. But some years ago, in small towns there were fewer newspapers and perhaps only one edition each day. In some areas, the paper is printed weekly.
          Most newspapers have several sections in addition to the front page with the most important news. There are the sports section, the society page, the comics, the amusement section, business page and the editorial.

24.   The first paragraph tells that newspapers are ........
A.one of media communications
B.important source of information
C.important news to glance
D.good media to read

25.   Why are there many types of newspapers in a big city?
A.The population is big.
B.There are various people living there.
C.People carry out different business.
D.A lot more people.

26.   Getting information is one of the people's ........

27.   "It is true that newspapers are an important source of information." (Paragraph I )
The underlined word means ........

          By the year 2000 young people who are now going to Secondary School will have grown up, most of them will probably have become parents who have responsible positions in the community. Babies born this year will go to Secondary School or will have become school dropouts, The Indonesian population will have increased by 130 million, making the total number 280 million. But if parents today follow the family planning programme, the population increase will be much less. Mainland China by the year 2000 will have a population.of 1.4 billion people, Which is an increase of 600 million people within a time span of about 25 years. India will probably have 1.1 billion people in the year 2000, this means that there will be an increase of 480 million if the birth-rate remains as it is now.
          According to records, in 1968 about two third's population lived in less developed areas and only one third in the more developed areas. By the year 2000, there is a strong possibility the population in the less developed areas will have increased to 77% and that the population in the more developed areas will be only 23% of the world's total. It is estimated that South Asia's population will have doubled from 1.126 billion to 2.302

28.   What does paragraph one tell about?
A.population in China.
B.Baby booming.
C.The increasing population.
D.The effectiveness of family planning.

29.   The number of population grows greater in ........ countries.
C.less developed
D.more developed

30.   How many people lived in China in 1975?
A.1.4 billion.
B.860 million.
C.800 million.
D.600 million.

31.   India will probably have 1.1 billion people in the year 2000.
The underlined word means ........

Sidney, Australia is the place where the 2000 .....(32)..... was held .....(33)..... from all over the world took part there to compete for gold medals

A.SEA Games
B.National Games
C.Olympic Games
D.WBA Boxing Competition


34.   The sentence with the correct punctuation is ........
A.Well, nice to meet you, Manuel.
B.Well, nice to meet you Manuel.
C.Well nice to meet you, Manuel
D.Well. Nice to meet you Manuel.

35.   Ratna : Hello, Imam. What about the English novel I lent you?
Imam : Oh. It's quite good, but ........ I forgot to bring it now.
Ratna : Never mind. You can bring it next time.
A.I'd like you to help me
B.I don't thing so
C.I'm so sorry
D.I'm glad you lent me it

36.   Mita   :  Do you know my neighbour, Mrs. Anatasya?
Elly    :  Yes, Why?
Mita   :  She likes flowers very much.
Elly    :  I'm sure about it. She ........ Puts a vase of flowers in each room.
            There are no rooms without flowers every day.

37.   A  :  What did Sandra do in the hospital yesterday?
B  :  She ........ of patients.
A  :  I didn't know that she is a nurse.
B  :  No, she's a doctor.
A.took care
B.takes care
C.will take care
D.is taking care

38.   Dita     :  Are you ready to order?
Ratna  :  Yes, but let's see the ........
Dita     :  I want some vegetables. and you?
Ratna  :  Chicken with potatoes, beans and a glass of orange juice.
Dita     :  OK. I'll ask the waiter for them.

39.   Anita  :  Who are those ........ Beside your mother, Diana?
Diana :  Oh. They are her sisters.

40.   Mr. Imam  :  Your son studies very diligently.
Mr. Tofik   :  He does. He ........ to be an engineer.
Mr. Imam  :  I see.

41.   Shop Assistant  :  Please have a look at these ties.
Mr. Wilarto       :  Do you think this one is sewn ........
Shop Assistant  :  Of course not. Why don't you choose the other ones?

42.   Tri Evan   :  Hey, you're perspiring.
Praditya   :  I ........ to the hospital.
Tri Evan   :  Who's sick?
Praditya   :  My friend.
A.will go
B.have been
D.am going

43.   Doctor  :  What's your problem?
Wilarto :  I have ........ My ankle.
Doctor  : What happened ?
Wilarto :  I fell off from my bicycle last night.

44.   Rina  :  Why does your father like living in the countryside?
Ayu  :  Because it is ........ living in the city.
B.the quietest
C.quieter than
D.as quietus

45.   Abi     :  ........ Is the children park from here?
Made :  It's about three kilometers.
A.How heavy
B.How soon
C.How wide
D.How far

46.   Sinta  :  I really want to see my favourite singer sing on the stage.
            But you know she was ill yesterday.
Devi  :  I do too. Well, ........
A.I'm sorry I can't.
B.We hope she's all right now.
C.Don't worry too much.
D.It's OK. Forget it.

47.   Bogor is known as a rainy city. It rains almost everyday there. Look, there are black ....... in the sky. It's going to rain again.

48.   Bima   :  Can I play the piano at the show ?
Father :  ........ I'll be very proud of you.
A.That's very kind of you.
B.Don't mention it.
C.Thanks a lot.
D.Why not?

49.   1. Open road race is a bicycle race.
2. More than 100 athletes will join the race.
3. Like the other athletes she also wants to win the fist prize.
4. Nurhayati is one of them.
5. It will be in Jakarta.
6. So she practices cycling everyday.
The arrangement for a good paragraph is ........
A.1 - 5 - 2 - 4 - 3 - 6
B.2 - 1 - 4 - 6 - 5 - 3
C.3 - 6 - 4 - 2 - 5 - 1
D.5 -2 - 1 - 6 - 3 - 4

50.   X  :  What is the advantage of radio?
Y  :  We will get ........ Information from it ........pleasure.
A.not only - but also
B.neither - or
C.either nor
D.both - also

51.   Anton  :  I heard the government has planned to use this area as reserved areas.
Beny   :  Really! ........ The plants or animals should be protected.
A.That's a good news
B.That's a good idea
C.That's all right
D.That's too bad

52.   Last month Ina and her family went to west Sumatra by ship for the first time.
She was really amazed.
Mother   :  Look at the ship!
Ina          :  Wow, ........ It's the biggest ship I've ever seen.
A.what a big ship!
B.what a big ship is it?
C.How big is the ship?,
D.How a big ship it is!

53.   Andi   :  You go to school by bus, don't you?
Roni   :  Yes.
Andi   :  But, you never come late.
Roni   :  Well, the traffic jam usually starts at 6.20
             ........ I have to leave my house at 6.00
Andi   :  I see.

54.   Rosa   :  Do you like listening to the radio?
Linda  :  Yes, I often listen to the BBC.
Rosa   :  I do too. But I think the afternoon broadcast is ........ than the morning one.
Linda  :  You are right.
A.as clear as

55.   Arrange these sentences into a good paragraph!
1. After he has his material, the disc jockey sits near a microphone, ready to broadcast
    his program.
2. At large radio station, many people work together as a team to help a disc jockey.
3. The disc jockey looks over a list that tell him the music, the commercials, and
    other announcement he has to play on his program.
4. One person may prepare the program and choose the music.
5. Someone in the music library gathers the tapes that will be played.
A.2 - 4 - 5 - 3 - 1
B.3 - 1 - 4 - 2 - 5
C.5 - 1 - 2 - 4 - 3
D.1 - 3 - 2 - 5 - 4

56.   Guide   :  Look! This flower is almost a metre in diametre and 1.40 metres in height.
Tourist  :  ........ it is the biggest flower in the world.
Guide   : I think so.
A.I don't know
B.No way

57.   Adi  :  Have you ever been to "Ujung Kulon"
          National Park?
Oga :  No, I haven't. And you?
Adi  :  ........
A.So have I
B.Neither have I
C.I have too
D.I have either

58.   Rearrange the following sentences into good paragraph!
1. The solution is to plant leguminous trees in the fields.
2. In parts of east Indonesia. the dry season is long, open forest or grassland is
    the natural vegetation.
3. Farmers have to spend time to prevent damage to their crops.
4. Here, competition exists between free-ranging cattle and shifting cultivators.
5. Thus improving both crop yields and cattle quality.
6. The trees also increase soil fertility by fixing nitrogen.
The best arrangement is ........
A.2 - 4 - 3 - 1 - 6 - 5
B.4 - 2 - 1 - 3 - 5 - 6
C.1 - 4 - 5 - 2 - 6 - 3
D.6 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 1

59.   Dodi      :  Sir, Papua New Guinea is foreign country. isn't it?
Teacher :  That's right ........ it is a foreign country, it lies on the same island as
                Papua (Irian Jaya) which belongs to Indonesia.
Dodi      :  Oh, I see.

60.   Zenna  :  Look! There is a rainbow over there.
Rizky   : Wow. That's beautiful. How does it happen?
Zenna  : It happens ........ there is sunlight after it rains.

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